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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dexter Challenge

You just can't beat 60 degree heat in Nome.  For some reason it feels like 80 degrees.  I think I actually hear a lawn mower, now that's crazy!

I sort of spontaneously decided to do the Dexter Challenge this morning.  A really fun 8 mile race that starts in town and ends in dexter.  It's a one way race and hops over a 600-700 ft hill before descending into Dexter.  I was very happy to finish it in 56 minutes and it sure beats a boring run alone that I was going to do anyway.

With such warm sunny weather can't wait to get out and enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!

Photo by Jamie Burford.   

Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer is slipping by way too fast. We took advantage of good weather and enjoyed a day on the beach.  While the NY beaches were great, hot with warm surf, it was pleasant to be back to our remote corner of the world.  I couldn't help but notice that we had miles of beach to ourselves.  Instead of keeping a nervous eye on Hahnah amongst swarming NY'ers I kept a wary eye up and down the beach for bears.

Barring some odd unknown, I'm officially planning on competing in the Alaska State Triathlon.  It should be fun and at least a goal of sorts without a large time commitment.  It's an olympic distance which means a 1.5 km  swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run.  I kind of like these tri races, not a great deal of prep needed other than borrowing a bike and the race is over in a couple of hours.  The different events keep my body from over doing one particular repetitive motion and the higher intensity level is challenging. I have no idea how I will do but last years results show some pretty fast times. I am just completely stoked that the swim is in Knik Lake (start of the ITI).

Monday, July 19, 2010

Travel, oh so fun

Dear Atlasta Air,

I just wanted express my deepest thanks for being such a wonderful airline. I am grateful we are able to utilize your service, the only service, in our area, we should simply just bow down.  I'm so glad you spend your profit margin on the upkeep, maintenance and compensation for your pilots. Just yesterday our pilot said he managed to get a week off to see the delivery of his baby.  I understand sometimes the planes need upkeep during a scheduled flight so was so happy you were able to transfer us to Delta during that time.  No worries I really didn't want to sit next to my wife or baby for that flight to Newark.  The Delta flight attendants and passengers were ecstatic to play with our 2 year old. They thought it was such a game to try to stop her from crying.

I know we struck gold in Seattle yesterday with some of the best agents around.  You must have been running some sort of community emergency drill because even though the agent told us it wasn't her job to rebook my wife when our printout confirmation didn't match her computer system she tried anyway.  So what it didn't work out, I know she tried her hardest.  I'm surprised she was able to multi task so well, keeping those sighs and shoulder shrugs in perfect timing with her computer key strokes was an incredible performance.  Its OK, she probably really didn't want to fly with us, I know deep down Sarah wanted that alone time with a later flight.  I'm so glad your customer service agents were so stoic and stern about telling us there was nothing they could do.  Better say it straight than lead us on with those false ideas of fictitious upgrades or tickets.  After all we wouldn't want the other passengers to absorb the increased cost.  I  mean our tickets were so cheap at $1800, it was so generous to have that companion fare for my daughter to save another $1800 and it was only 40,000 miles for Sarah's ticket- sooo cheap we deserved a computer glitch. And our luggage, pshaw,  really no worries again.  I totally didn't want to unpack and do the laundry of our travel gear, therefore am so glad it's still not here.  Whew.  Thank you again just gratefully alive.


Iam Fletch

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bon Jovi & Triathlons

We are in NY enjoying day after day of heat upon heat, what a difference from Nome.  My sister in law had an extra ticket from a friend for Sarah to go to a Bon Jovi and Kid Rock concert at the Meadowlands.  It was a sky view box seat so she was able to see the concert from comfort.  Not exactly something we would have on our itinerary but the opportunity came up and she never saw so many people in place. 

I managed to get on the Mighty North Fork sprint triathlon and raced it yesterday morning.  While coming out of the water in 5th place my bike leg was kind of funny... and hard. Since I placed decent out of the water I heard all the culturally dressed triathletes rip past me.  That's right, heard.  It was kind of like a silent "whooosh" and while I tried saying hello the slew of crazy futuristic looking tri bikes flew by me like I was standing still. I on the other hand stayed true to MTB with a borrowed a mountain bike and slicks. As much fun as I had watching stone faced racers pass me while I tried to say "hey", "hows it going" I had more fun saying "hey, how's it going" while I surprisingly passed some of them back on the run.   I was happy to finish 13th overall and 1st in my agegroup but sprinting is most definitely not my thing.  My brother finished 3rd in his age group.  While it sure ain't no utlra it sure was good to do some kind racing in a large field.

500 Swim, 7:24
8 mile bike, 20.12
3.5 mile run, 23.42

Next month I'll have fun racing in the Alaska Triathlon at Knik Lake.  The swim will be in the same lake I started the ITI, now that will be cool.   I can see why tri's are addicting as any race but it is quite the contrast to self supported racing. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer vacaay

Traveling around with the family. A long journey that began with a friends beautiful wedding in Wasillian nation. This was followed by Alaska air flight cancellation. Hmmm another mechanical? We were rerouted on Delta to Saltlake; at first frustrating but kind of cool to see Saltlake City in the summer. Beautiful country! Followed by an awesome flight to Newark. Now we are in incredile 100+ degree heat in Pennsylvania. Haven't felt heat like this in a while and feels great! Hopefully a triathlon looms next weekend...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

For Sale...maybe

I'm posting this on the blog as opposed to a legitimate classified online ad because I am not sure I really want to sell them.  I am in the process of upgrading my Wildfire with replacement parts and lighter wider rims.  These are sturdy large marges with WTB hubs.  They are in excellent shape and bomb proof. The bike and rims have essentially only been raced in the ITI and always kept inside.  If you're really interested shoot me an email and make an offer otherwise I just may be sentimental enough to keep them!