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Friday, November 28, 2008

The past few weeks have cruised away among a lot of activity. I have just enough time to follow a few blogs but am hardly able to formulate 'verbage' (haha, someone might get that) for mine lately. Sarah, Hahnah and I were out in Gambell a few weeks ago again. Sarah finished up her guitar class with her group while Hahnah played with everyone including me.

While my workload and village travel are great diversionary tactics I couldn't quite shake the feeling of not wanting to get out riding or running or anything outside lately. I have been going strong at the pool and gym but the outside seemed so boring. I didn't figure it out till the storm hit a few days ago. Normally, Nome is full of volatile weather but this fall has been really, well boring. A little snow, cold temps but no real storms or wind. On Wed night a squall hit in the evening and I was so excited I left the gym early and couldn't wait to get out on my fatbike. The snow was horizontal, the wind scalding into every minuscule uncovered piece of skin and I couldn't see anything. Now this was bliss!

The type of fun that you can't count miles just time b/c the wind and snow keep things at a crawl. When I got back we couldn't help but let Hahnah enjoy the snow too for a quick sled ride. Sarah put my OR mitts on Hahnah's feet which sure looked funny.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Suntan on the Beach

Nome's transition into winter seems to be taking a while and I am almost wishing for a monster storm of some kind and subzero temps. Except for cutting wood I haven't been out in the country much so today I hung up the swim goggles and went for a little ride on the beach. This was not exactly way out in the country but it would have to do. I debated on taking the fatbike but I just wanted to thrash on a bike and not worry about the salt or sand. So I took my $25 garage sale bike and had a little fun for a few hours.