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Sunday, April 29, 2012


The roads are open, more or less, and after last weeks sledge island retreat I was ready for a faster speed.  Break-up occurred more rapidly this week and an ice trip was out of the question.  It's been a long time since I was able to ride on anything other than snow trails.  A firm dirt road felt magical.  I aired up the fatbike to 20 psi and took off down the coast.  With a little tailwind down and headwind back I managed a 31 mile trip in a few minutes over 2 hrs.  Now that felt good.  

I returned just in time for Hahnah's dance class.  Thank you Kendra for putting on a great class! One of the more difficult things living in Nome is inaccessibility to opportunities readily available in the lower 48.  This was a special treat.  

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sledge Isle (half attempt)

Yesterday I went for a half hearted attempt to ride to Sledge Island. The island sits about 20 miles, as the crow flies, west of Nome and about 5 miles off shore. Normally, this is not a place one can ride or  snow machine to because the current is too strong to hold ice. I wouldn't think to ride there except some folks I know snow machined there the weekend before, something only a handful of people (I know of) have done. I doubt anyone has ridden a bike there, hence the attempt. 

Unfortunately I didn't plan well. Partly, because to do it right I needed about 8 hrs to play with and I only had 4 and partly because I never thought I would get far on the ice. I thought if there was at least a trail and hard packed part of the way, I could work a little extra time if I were close to the island. As it turned out the snow crust was great going out but as the sun came out the snow softened. It turned into a real grind about 15 miles out. It already was almost 2 hrs in so I turned around not about 6-7 miles from the island. I kick myself for not going earlier and giving it a serious chance as I probably won't have another . I doubt the ice will not rot that far out in another week. The return was kind of brutal especially with a timeline but managed to return in 2 hrs redlining most of the way.  Snow biking is frustrating for this reason, can hardly plan or count on anything. I suppose that's why my attempt was half hearted. 
Dark horizon lies open water

Ice crack snuck up on me a bunch, glad for strong rims

About 8 miles out of Nome there was a strange camp on the ice. Possibly a gold camp diving under the ice.  

Friday, April 13, 2012


We are in the tropics of Alaska for folk fest. It is simply amazing the variations in climate within the same state. The temp and weather are incredible. More photos and maybe video to come!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Fine Day

Not many words need to be said on this ride. Great to have my fat bike home. Riding unloaded on a good trail is bliss. The miles just ease by.