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Saturday, May 16, 2009

34 to 104+

We have left Nome for a little down time into warmer climate, except it has been consistently 104 the past week... and loving every minute of it. Not much in the way of computer / internet access so it has been fun not being a slave to email and the electronic addiction. My brother and I are competing in the Tempe triathlon tomorrow, should be a blast and we'll see how the heat kills us. Nome has been a dismal 34 - 40 degrees or so I heard through the wunderground grapevine. Will post some pics when I get a chance.


sasha said...

just caught up on all your recent excursions. sounds as fun and adventurous as ever. really nice to see the great pictures too. i can't imagine what would posess anyone to do a triathalon in 104 degree temps, but with you i'm never surprised anymore. hope it went great! big hug to all of you. love the family picture in juneau. hannah is getting so big. hope you're well.

Phil said...

Sasha! How are you doing post op? Sarah and I have been thinking about you and Mike kept us updated somewhat but I will chk your blog to see...