Summer is slipping by way too fast. We took advantage of good weather and enjoyed a day on the beach.  While the NY beaches were great, hot with warm surf, it was pleasant to be back to our remote corner of the world.  I couldn't help but notice that we had miles of beach to ourselves.  Instead of keeping a nervous eye on Hahnah amongst swarming NY'ers I kept a wary eye up and down the beach for bears.

Barring some odd unknown, I'm officially planning on competing in the Alaska State Triathlon.  It should be fun and at least a goal of sorts without a large time commitment.  It's an olympic distance which means a 1.5 km  swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run.  I kind of like these tri races, not a great deal of prep needed other than borrowing a bike and the race is over in a couple of hours.  The different events keep my body from over doing one particular repetitive motion and the higher intensity level is challenging. I have no idea how I will do but last years results show some pretty fast times. I am just completely stoked that the swim is in Knik Lake (start of the ITI).