Bearing Song Open House

Sarah recently had to move her store and business, Bearing Song, from one lot to another in town. The original lot is being made into another business from the owner so she moved to a better spot on Front St. It has a view of the ocean and it is right where the iditarod comes in for the finish line (or the ultrasport!). She had an open house last night with a great turnout and some nice live music. Of course I didn't bring the camera but it was great. It also marks the beginning of a fun event in Nome, the Midnight Sun Festival and Folk Festival. The Stairwell Sisters from San Francisco will be here as the guest artist band and we are looking forward to it! It has been a horrible weather week with lots of fog, I was lucky to make it in to Nome from Unalakleet on Wed. Alaska Air had to cnxl over 9 flights this week but the guest band did make it in last night.

I was able to go for my first long bike ride since the race last Sunday. I covered about 20 miles of singletrack, lots of mud and bear tracks but fairly uneventful. My bike is hilarious, it is my old training bike that is so beat up the gears can't shift and its essentially a single speed. My knees made it out ok, a little sore. I hope to have some 29'er rims made up by MC for my wildfire, maybe then I can do some longer rides. In the meantime I continue to swim as a primary workout, good rehab for the joints. It's encouraging that I see 70 yr olds and up still swimming- at least I can do that as the body fails. I need to bring the camera around more to better match what I write but I just added a pic from kayaking at topkok and when we played at Sarah's cd release concert.


swissguy said…
good writeups. i enjoy reading about you & Sarah's goings-ons out and about in Alaska. Keep it going..and think about that book one day, your writing is not as bad as you think. Hi to all - Patrick