Koyuk and Folk Fest

I am in Koyuk finishing the last of the days reports. The clinic here is really wonderful with a view you can't beat. The dramatic changes from winter to summer never fail to amaze me. It is a balmy 60 degrees and lush green tundra. It's hard to believe I have snow machined through here across the sound at -30 with a dangerous wind. This winter I would have crossed the sound by bike if I were able to finish the ultrasport. Actually, I look out on the ocean and can visualize about half way to Cape Denbigh where Bill and Kathi Merchant bivied out on the ice in a terrible windstorm at -20. And now the birds are chirping, it's bright out and getting close to 11 pm.

This past weekend was a busy one. The folk fest took center stage with Sarah and I playing two sets and she working a table while I helped Jim occasionally with sound. It ended up being a lot more stressful than I thought but it sure was a blast watching the main act, The Stairwell Sisters. We feel real fortunate to have such good music in Nome.


Jim said…
hey Phil, which part was stressful - doing sound? I find doing that pretty stressful and after a few hours of it I'm pretty wiped out. I've never really wanted to give it up to anyone who might compromise the musicians' performance - but I'm very happy that you have such talent there and are willing to help out. And I'm fully confident when Landbridge Tollbooth are up there on stage that you have us handled - I don't even think about it.

So it is great you help out there. Hope you and Sarah can make the debrief meeting on Tuesday.