I'm in Unalakleet packing up my stuff before heading to the runway and wait for Bering Air. It is always difficult to leave the family when I go on a village trip for work but it amazes me how at home Unalakleet feels (and it's warmer more summer like than Nome right now). I suppose after living here for 2 years a few years back it was a special time. I lived up on the hill 4 miles out of town and ran or biked a lot of the time to work. Not many folks lived up there so it was always exciting; would I see bears or the weather would turn? Four miles may not sound like a lot but the east wind would blow up 50-60 mph sometimes in the winter. It made running or biking interesting. I sure wish I had pictures during the storms b/c running was so funny- I called it the sideways run, leaning into the wind. During that time was also when I started playing around with music and that's a big part of my life now (obviously with Sarah's music).
In Unk I lived in a nice place with a woodstove and no phone, lots of me time. After five years of turmoil in Nome prior to the move it was the perfect place. I ate at Paul and Anne's almost every night and watched the kids grow. I still do the same when I am in town, last night I went up and had caribou steaks and couldn't believe how big the kids were getting. Here are some pictures from that era...