I gave a little laugh this morning when I realized I must look pretty funny (nothing new there). I had my crocs on, riding my bike to work, thermos of coffee in the water bracket and carrying a porcelain cup of coffee. All I needed was the morning paper and the ability to ride without hands on the dirt road. But enough silliness, yes there was frost... in July. Not all that uncommon here, I suppose, but still this summer (so far) has been no so good. A slow thaw with above freezing temps not until June, followed by 8 days of fog leaving us stranded (no flights in/out) then a freak snow storm, then 80 degree weather (3 days), then rain and now frost... I shouldn't complain about the weather, it seems cliche especially in Gnome.

Here are some friends enjoying a day at the beach. What's wrong with this picture, sorry Wayne couldn't resist.

So the pool is now closed for cleaning. This puts a little damper on my preferred daily workout. It has been the only high output, low impact non-injurious thing I could do as of late. In the pool I was finally eking back up to 4k again and having it finished before 7am was priceless. I still feel knee soreness after only a 12 mile gravel road ride and a 2 mile hike the other day. We leave tomorrow afternoon for a little Madventure. I figure about 50 miles of "riding" in mud, mosquitoes and more mud followed by about 20 miles of hike-bike, tussoks, tundra and more mosquitoes. Three- four days should be enough and it'll be a good assessment of the ole knee.