Enough phish

I'm not sure how many pics I can possibly put up of interest for Unalakleet and the fishing we did. I wouldn't describe myself as a fisherman or a hunter by any means but it is insane to live up here and not subsist on the great food out in the country. It's amazing that a $3 lure + borrowed pole = salmon for the year. Next comes berries then moose then caribou. I was wondering if I could use my fatbike this year to get caribou. That would be fun, not sure if it would be a first but it would be interesting. Gas is expensive these days in rural Alaska.

I admit I had a great deal of fun in Unalakleet hanging out with old friends and the air of small town life. Not that Nome is a big city but it is different. This was my view every morning biking to work.

Another fun filled weekend coming up. We'll see what mischief I can get into out in the country if I have time.