Unalakleet, not quite a cd release concert

The family and I are headed to Unalakleet this morning. It'll be a working trip next week but this weekend I hope to catch our salmon for the upcoming winter. It'll also be Hahnah's first trip to Unalakleet too and will be really special. I have said it often that sometimes it seems the world revolves around Unalakleet. For example, one of my first friends here in Alaska is from there, I lived there a few years and oddly enough my wife Sarah's parents lived there for five years in the 70's.

It'll be a little wearing for Hahnah since they just came back from Fairbanks last weekend while I was tromping around in the mud (see below). Aside from visiting a childhood friend Sarah performed a cd release concert on her latest album, Treasure a Storm Can Bring. It’s her fourth album and is really cool & available at CD-Baby, Itunes or other digital music media. I am really proud and amazed how she was able to juggle studio time in Anchorage, her store here in Nome, the birth of our baby in January and the multitude of events she sponsors to promote music in Nome.