A hectic week ended to begin a hectic weekend. After installing an excruciating painful chimney for a woodstove all day Saturday followed by Sarah's songwriter showcase in the evening, then a berry picking fiesta today, I finally managed to get out for a 40 mile ride today down to Safety and back. I haven't been on a bike in this direction since last year training for the invitational. It was a good ride from town because you can grind out most of it on the beach. I was so sick of riding it last year after countless training runs and couldn't believe I was a little nostalgic. It was probably the weather though, lately we have been having temperatures in the 60's. The sound of the waves and the fine beach sand could have been Hawaii, well up until I rode past the dead headless walrus. Then I remembered I was in Nome.


Jill said…
So that walrus was poached, right? That can't be a legal harvest. Or is is legal to take the head if the walrus is already dead?
Phil said…
It is legal to take a dead walrus's head. But what came first the chicken or the egg? I am hopeful that it was shot during a subsistence hunt and either got away or sunk.