Across the Bering Strait

I cannot tell you how many people have attempted to cross the Bering Strait in every imaginable form. Most fail thinking that the ice is solid across the 40 some odd miles from Wales to Diomede to Russia. It is not. It acts like a funnel for the Bering Sea so the current is tremendous in addition to contrasting wind patterns at times. Then there are the visa problems. I'd get a headache thinking about all the logistics. I have kayaked passed Wales and I have done a 40 mile open water crossing in the Chukchi but I do not have the urge to cross the Bering Strait. Audun Nordhus from Norway does though, by rowing a traditional Norwegian rowing vessel. Who is that? I have no idea other than he contacted me last year and asked for some information and if I could hold on to his boat when it arrives in Nome. "Sure, no problem." Many people have helped me during my grand schemes so I extend the favor. I picked his boat up the other day and wonder if this the shape he had sent it. I hope to go through it and clean it up a little but: Audun, please take a look and let me know if there is anything you want for me to do (i.e marine paint, sand the rusted bolts)?