Hahnah goes to New York!

Culture shock, as expected, when traveling out of Nome to the lower 48. Noise, people, cars, more cars, people, honking, traffic, weird people, and some more noise.

It is amazing when I look back at all the traveling and meeting of new people Hahnah has experienced in her 8 months of life, so far. Quite the ambitious child. She has been to Unalakleet, Gambell (x3), hiking, camping, 4 wheeling, off-roading, and met all sorts of folks along the way- from the ultrasport to musicians to family to friends.... now NY.

She did great in the plane (though we were exhausted). We were in Long Island to visit the folks, some nephews, brother and sis-inlaws then off to NYC to check out the Met. A little Picasso, Monet, Renoir and other greats to add a little culture.


Sasha said…
so glad i've been able to be in a couple of tiny moments with her this past 8 months. was great to see you guys when you were passing through. my roommate is still talking about that amazing pie!
Phil said…
It was great to see you too Sasha. We'll be sure to keep in touch coming through Anchorage again.