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Friday, September 5, 2008


Another house project finished. Hopefully, it will save considerable finances during the winter. It sure heats up fast. Earlier in the summer I had to decide between purchasing and installing a woodstove or a 29er and compete in some bike races. It was a good decision. I not only saved some knee time but I actually get more enjoyment out of solo excursions into parts unknown. More along the lines of what these guys,are doing.

Instead of any fun multiday extravaganza's I had a quick overnight in Anchorage for a meeting... not exactly my idea of productive time but it was nice to see old friends. Considering I haven't done many real excursions lately I didn't want to waste family time away on Anchorage. I'm feeling the pressure build inside for another outing though and I suppose I'm a little torn on going moose hunting, paddling my old kayak back from Golovin or returning to finish the Imuruk Lake trip with my fatbike or maybe even a climbing epic with Ian for ole times sake. We'll see.

We have had a great high pressure system just hanging out in NW Alaska so the temps are in the 50-60 range. Quite unusual and a real treat last night to finish up a gym workout with a run in shorts and tee on the beach.

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Sasha said...

the stove looks awsome. very well done.