The past few weeks have cruised away among a lot of activity. I have just enough time to follow a few blogs but am hardly able to formulate 'verbage' (haha, someone might get that) for mine lately. Sarah, Hahnah and I were out in Gambell a few weeks ago again. Sarah finished up her guitar class with her group while Hahnah played with everyone including me.

While my workload and village travel are great diversionary tactics I couldn't quite shake the feeling of not wanting to get out riding or running or anything outside lately. I have been going strong at the pool and gym but the outside seemed so boring. I didn't figure it out till the storm hit a few days ago. Normally, Nome is full of volatile weather but this fall has been really, well boring. A little snow, cold temps but no real storms or wind. On Wed night a squall hit in the evening and I was so excited I left the gym early and couldn't wait to get out on my fatbike. The snow was horizontal, the wind scalding into every minuscule uncovered piece of skin and I couldn't see anything. Now this was bliss!

The type of fun that you can't count miles just time b/c the wind and snow keep things at a crawl. When I got back we couldn't help but let Hahnah enjoy the snow too for a quick sled ride. Sarah put my OR mitts on Hahnah's feet which sure looked funny.


Sasha said…
i love nome storms too. looks fun! hannah is getting so big. hope you had a great thanksgiving.
Rudstroms said…
My husband was on the 4-wheeler from Brevig to Nome that night. He came in with snow and ice caked around his face. (My son and I scored free tickets but barely made it in.)

It was a beautiful evening.

Hey, I think you jammed w/ my brother this weekend. He's the red head that recently picked up the mandolin.

Phil said…
Hi Ann Marie- nice to see others enjoying the coastal weather. Sounds like a fun trip by 4-wheeler.

Yes, we had a nice turkey-day evening jam and your brother added some great tunes. I think we had 3 mandolins playing at once. He sounded great. Hope he comes in from Elim more often.

You guys have a nice blog too.