Suntan on the Beach

Nome's transition into winter seems to be taking a while and I am almost wishing for a monster storm of some kind and subzero temps. Except for cutting wood I haven't been out in the country much so today I hung up the swim goggles and went for a little ride on the beach. This was not exactly way out in the country but it would have to do. I debated on taking the fatbike but I just wanted to thrash on a bike and not worry about the salt or sand. So I took my $25 garage sale bike and had a little fun for a few hours.


Sasha said…
i don't get the title. suntan? sounds fun anyway . . . did i mention i put a link to your blog on my blog . . . only my heroes make the cut :)
Phil said…
just being cynical. its been gray and blah. normally when someone goes to the beach you think of a suntan.

wow cool to make your blog, that's a lot of pressure!
Sasha said…
aww. okay. i get it now. a little slow on the uptake. anyone who has lived in nome i suppose has an expanded version of what the beach is all about though, eh?