Lows and Highs

A nice low pressure system moved into the northern Bering Sea while I was out in Savoonga and the wind gave the standard island show. I was stuck for an extra night but it was fine. I am always impressed with the hunters out there, even at 50-60 mph they were out getting food.

Last weekend I took advantage of a high pressure cold that settled. The temperature dropped to -29 over the hill. In Nome, "over the hill", usually means the other side of anvil mountain by Dexter or Banner Creek, about 8 miles away. There is an actual temperature difference of about 10 degrees warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. I have a new inexpensive ultralight boot that I've been wanting to check out so I threw them on and went for a night ride on the fat bike. It's practically always dark so you have to get used to doing things as you would in daylight. I rode out on a snow machine trail and was able to ride much of it till the base disappeared. Then I pushed the bike through some decent size powder across the tundra for a few miles. I started getting flashbacks from last years push to Ruby. The boot held up ok, I may have to make a few modifications but it'll be worth it to have a boot weigh ounces instead of pounds.


sasha said…
sasha said…
hey i noticed that the link i had on my page to sarah "sarahchanson.com" wasn't working. is that still in existence? i changed the link to go to her store page instead for now, but wanted to suggest that she put a link on the store page to buy her music :)
Phil said…
That webpage doesn't work anymore. Sarah goes through her store webpage. The link I have on the blog is to CD-Baby which sells her cd's. You can also download in iTunes by song or by album but they sure take a good percentage.