At times I cannot fathom that this is my eleventh year in Nome (region), what a trip to say things like "I remember when the traffic wasn't so bad" or "Back then, nobody did that...". Which is really funny since the traffic is a joke considering what most people deal with, we don't even have a stoplight. I looked behind me while going to the pool this morning... it's about 4 miles out of town on a paved road next to the schools.. and counted six cars. Whoa, that's some traffic. I believe everyone was heading to the pool too since the lanes were fairly packed compared to the usual 4 crowd. I had to rush to get my 4K workout in an hour before heading to work.

Over the weekend I was excited because Epic Eric finished some bags for me and I had a chance to organize my gear. I was so happy to chuck my broken rear rack and went for a rackless ride on Saturday. Oh what fun to ride in the familiar Nome headwind with my whole setup for the invitational. Fabulous.

Sarah has been busy at her shop since we returned from Arizona and I believe we will be traveling to her other hometown for the Folk Fest in Juneau this April. It'll be fun to bring Hahnah and see mom play and see where mom grew up. It's amazing how fast Hahnah reaches milestones and watching a little person grow is most incredible. After the 6 day stuck in Gambell I felt like I missed out on a growth spurt.


Jim said…
that link should be

you left out an "s".

Should be fun in Juneau - glad you are going. /jd
Phil said…
thanks jim- got it and corrected.

i assume you guys will be there too, so just like ole times again.