Nome Bar-B-Q

Good training starts with good eatin'. This is probably the best investment I have ever made.

The small grill is portable, goes anywhere (even in a kayak) and it's clean and fast. The propane I keep in the house so at -30 I can attach it (quickly), start it, then run back in the house. No cleaning afterwards, just turn the heat up next time to burn off the remnants-- which aptly remain frozen till the next grill.

Today was chicken but we have been cooking our Unalakleet salmon once a week on it and man oh man with the Beebucks recipe it is delicious. I'm generally a picky eater so grilling in below zero temps is worth it... well I suppose I wasn't too picky finding those treasures on the invitational trail last year that other racers dropped in the snow, like potato chips, gummi bears and almonds even a bag of gumballs was incredible somewhere between Ophir and Ruby.
Mmmmm yum can't wait.


Jim said…
Care to share that Beebucks recipe? I'm cleaning out the freezer of old salmon and it could use some spruce-ing up.
Sasha said…
yeah, i'm always up for a new salmon recipe too. do share!
Phil said…
It's more of a grilling technique with easy recipes, some with honey, sprinkled blue cheese or molasses... maybe I'll let him tell you otherwise he'd have my head.
carl said…
Hey Phil
Good luck on the trail this year.
Good to hear you are planning the long ride home next year.
For sure none of that food was mine,the only thing i left on that trail was my sanity

Anonymous said…
Hey Phil I ran into Pat on facebook and have been meaning to write to see how you are doing. Found this link on there so I figured I would say hi. I would love to catch up and ask you how the hell you've made it in Alaksa all these years...hope to hear from u soon.
Tracy U
Phil said…
Carl! Maybe you'll be there next year to find the sanity on the trail somewhere? I'll need all the luck I can get this year and hope my knees hold together.

Tracey- email me at , long time long hear.