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Friday, March 27, 2009

Tim finishes in Nome!

It was great to follow Tim as he came into Nome and actually became the winner of the 2009 ITI 1,100 mile race! I snow machined 16 miles out after work and saw him a little past Safety, and simply couldn't believe he actually went through Topkok. It was blowing pretty hard all day but in the distance I could see a wall of snow. The Johnson wx station said 50 mph all day long!! I would say at least seeing the curtain of snow. Tim said he couldn't even keep his sled on the ground, it kept twisting and at times flew in the air. I am in awe. I tried to rally some folks at the finish line and was glad a few showed up even at 12:30 am finish!


Jill said...

Truly amazing. Give my best to Tim if he's hanging around Nome for a few days. I hope he goes somewhere warm for some R&R

T-Race said...

Way to go Tim! Wholly crap! Your awesome! Glad you could be there to greet him Phil.