More wood and an ice hole

Well my grand plans of caribou hunting with a friend from Unalakleet did not pan out. I was supposed to snow machine down to Koyuk but I just couldn't get my act together to be ready. My motivation was lacking and then when another friend wanted to go ice climbing I also bailed on that.

I wanted to provide some kind of food from the country so I went by myself down the coast toward White Mountain and stopped over by the topkok cliffs. Got a little exercise putting in this ice hole.

I thought the ice would be thinner closer to the cliffs but it turned out to be 4-5 ft down before I broke through.

Fished a little bit with a hand line but no luck there. On the way back I couldn't pass up some great logs to chop. It's hard to believe this place is such a blowhole when it was so calm today. All in all not a very successful day but at least I got some wood.

The sled is necessary to haul the tuuq, axe and wood but I sure miss going without. I'm always wanting to push the speed a little faster and I end up having to fix the sled each time from getting slammed around.