Tornado Fun

Another whirlwind week that started last Wed with an early morning swim followed by a family plane ride to Anchorage with a 7 hr layover and eventually ended up in Juneau. From there Sarah, Hahnah and I cruised through event after event, meetings of old friends, gatherings of music jams and even playing on two sets during the Alaska Folk Fest. This was interspersed with three random run-ins with ultra runner (and fellow ITI competitor) Geoff Roes and even my own fun 10 mile run through the hills of Juneau and a failed attempt at post holing in shorts up Perseverance.

An early wake up on Monday and we were on the plane ride back to Anchorage. We actually sat right in front of Sarah Palin's mom of all people. She was very pleasant and said how cute our Hanhah was. Back in Nome we were wiped out and exhausted but I had to get ready for Gambell. On Tuesday I flew to Gambell for a clinic and of course a storm came in after days of sunny weather. Going from, practically, summer like weather in Juneau to the winds of Gambell with completely different focuses is quite a trip.


Geoff said…
good running into you in juneau. if you're ever heading to juneau again let me know and we can get together for a run... or dinner at least.
Thanks for stopping by irongirl...I really enjoyed my 12 hours in Nome! Did they have the triathlon this year? Forgot to ask around about that. I'll be posting more info on my AK trip.