Hike-a-bike without the bike

This past weekend I finally managed to get out in the country again for a day trip with some friends. This summer I have been hoping to dig up some exploratory biking possibilities off the road system here. While the road system is basically a dirt road, that leaves 4-wheeler trails or the equivalent over or through the tundra. This trail was one I have always wanted to revisit after initially finding it with some friends about 9 years ago. The trail itself has become more refined than the tundra bog I remember and while we hiked it on this day it has fantastic potential as a mtb trail. We did roughly 17 miles rt with about 4,000 feet of climbing total but it has other challenges, like the remote countryside and big critters. The trail could connect to a river which would be a great bike / packraft trip that I hope to complete, maybe this weekend with Tyler? We did see a sow and 2 bear cubs about 1/4 mile away that ran off (which was a much nicer experience than the last encounter) but the close willows in some areas would highly recommend carrying protection and shouting often. Where you ask? Ah well that's a secret...

Apparently, while I was away for the day my daughter is grown and now working at the local bank.