It ain't no bibler

It's amazing how comfortable my bilber tent is to me. In the four years I've had it I spent over 100 nights in it, had two different grizzlies take a swipe at it, gone through 2 tent poles that broke from downdrafts, exposed to freight train winds of 50+ mph, rain and snow... all the while keeping it like yellow sunshine inside the single wall piece of artwork. Family camping is exponentially more difficult especially without a bibler. Luckily Hahnah slept fine in a portable crib but me... the dark interior, drafty, leaky, mosquito letting netting, wind flapping bad boy had me out the single entrance door taking deep breathes at 2, 3, 4 and finally for good at 5am. Add in a little PTS from my little bear incident and voila!! Instant wakefullness.... all night long.


Phil said…
hey, that's a lot of criticism for "the princess tent." I will take it with a grain of sand. : ) - Sarah Hofstetter
Jim said…
a most excellent photo of Hahnah that first one - I had to laugh!