Summer week... ends

We had a small storm blow in the past two days and I always enjoy watching the surf. Today I did a little "extreme" logging of cutting up some wood while running from the waves. Never a dull moment.

Last week The World boat stopped in Nome. I saw this on the History Channel a while back and couldn't believe they were stopping in Nome. Pretty swanky with only 165 residents on this huge vessel.

Hahnah trying her hand at a mini banjo during Sarah's surprise b-day party last week.

Singing at Sarah's surprise party with Dave. It was a great time and I really have to thank everyone for making an appearance, it was a lot of fun!!

Heading to Unalakleet with my in-laws and family. Sarah's folks used to teach in Unalakleet in the late 60's and this their first time back in a loooong time. It was very cool. I also happened to live in Unalakleet for a couple of years, we know a lot of the same people, small world...

Unalakleet fun!

B$ cooking with laryngitis...