This summer has been fantastic for weather. After a busy day yesterday preparing for Sarah's songwriter showcase today was a wonderful 60+ degrees with little wind.... mostly. We played on the beach all day. One of the really nice things about Nome are the beaches, white sand for miles in each direction and the nearest person was 1/2 mile away setting a salmon net. We built sandcastles.

Later that day I was itching to go for a kayak on the ocean as my workout.

I expected a smooth hard paddle and got a great treat instead. At my turnaround point of 7 miles I noticed the west wind picked up considerably. On the way back it was a headwind and within 10 minutes the wind went from 10 mph to 20 to gusting 30 mph. It was excellent. Lots of breaking waves, hard exertion and a satisfying 3 hr jaunt. I had to look up the wind graph from 5 - 8 pm, perfect timing.