Old man candy, maybe no-so-good...

Over the past two years I have struggled to come up with evidence to support that Ibuprofen can shut down kidney function. It's certainly possible (according to research physiologists) but I have not heard much first-hand direct input... until now. I'm sure there are more out there but I finally read about a well known ultra athlete who had what he felt like kidney failure due to Ibuprofen. We had virtually identical symptoms except, like an idiot, I never went to the hospital or have my enzymes tested at the time.

I have researched my issue the past two years ever since ITI 2008 and repeated the McGrath leg in ITI 2009 to evaluate a recurrence. One interesting facet this year was that I did have swelling in Rohn and waited till it went down. It just so happened I took one 200 mg IB at Rainy Pass 16 hrs prior to the swelling and we all ran out of water before Rohn (dehydration + IB = no-no). I was ok in McGrath, just a little swelling in the knees and feet until I took an 800 mg dose of IB after the race. Then I swelled so much I looked like a freak. I even consulted some high falutin ultra-sports-university-research-Ph.D.-type-physiologists. While I sincerely felt like a catalyst of events led to an ultimate kidney failure that first time in 2008 all I really had was speculation. Particularly since swelling never presented itself in any of my previous trips, even during my 53 day kayak excursion.

I'm definitely no ultra runner nor follow those events with the exception of Geoff's blog and it was through his last entry I found the blog and article. I'm glad the runner will be ok but it sure helps me as I felt out in left field with my "theory".