Whisper lite

Revelation #325: I am not an animal whisperer. In fact I think I give off a tasty scent of some sort or maybe just an odd odor. On Sunday, 13 miles into my bike ride out in the country, relatively in the Middle Of Nowhere (any distance greater than a few miles out of Nome feels MON) I was chased by angry dog #423 (not really that many but feels like a good number). Then about ½ mile later I turned a corner still looking back for the dog when a muskox charged me. I didn’t see them hovering off the road. It wasn't really that dramatic but I ended up turning around since they wouldn’t let me pass.... oh yeah and my freewheel was freewheeling. So much for the planned 40 mile outing.

Domesticlife is hard enough, so when wildlife interferes with my outings I'm not a fan. Lately, it seems every time I go out in the country it’s always something. Last weekend my free wheel started rebelling for freedom. What an odd feeling to anticipate resistant only to rapidly spin the pedals. Luckily they eventually engaged. Of course, after a week long weather bound stay in Gambell through turkey-giving I forgot about that problem. It sort of floated into the recesses of my mind and I sure wasn't going to let it stop my fun. That's one way to learn how to fix things I suppose, out on the trail in the cold.... sandwiched by a dog in pursuit and stubborn muskox.