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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Machines , machines, machines...

After biking, swimming and doing basically human powered “stuff” exclusively I just felt the need to get out on the snow machine and open it up. Saturday night while Sarah went to the grocery store for a long shopping spell I got on my machine for a little over an hour “work out” riding. One may think snow machining could not be a work out but that just means you haven’t ridden hard enough. I’ll never forget dry heaving after my first snow machine race, it was exhausting. I left town and headed down the coast following the same trail I biked in my previous post. It was night, the stars were out and once you leave town you’re on your own. As the minutes ticked past I kept edging the machine faster and faster. It was all standing to absorb the incredibly rough hard packed trail. Past the cape really opened it up past safety, before I knew it I was at the spot where it took me 5 hours to bike the weekend before. I turned around and went home ever increasing my pounding. I returned home covered the machine and took off my helmet, heavy gear and sat down when Sarah walked in. By bike that same route took me 12 hours. Man that felt good.

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