Maui +80

What amazes me is how mild it is to do something,

a 10 mile run is relaxing,

a 60 mile bike ride casual,

strong wind feels good (weird feeling),

hard to believe in a couple of weeks I'll be on the trail huffin' and puffin' for ITI 2010. These are the images I will draw out to keep me sane.


Anonymous said…
come on P, you know how lively things look doing the overland section to Ruby is...
Jim said…
looks like you got to ride a catamaran - have to talk about that when I see ya next time.
Phil said…
ahhh the section to ruby, i think i flipped off the northern lights for being so damn picturesque. it's my nemesis this year, hopefully will make it that far.

yeah jim, catamarans all over. thought of you when we were on it. really cool, that's a humpback in the photo too.