ITI 2010

(photo by B$)

Some quick facts I thought were fun to jot down before my actual write up of this beast of a race. I don't know if this really means anything but was fun to compute...

Bike: Wildfire fatbike made in 2007, 65 mm rims endomorph tires. Loaded weight, somewhere from 60 - 72 lbs without water. Third time on the ITI.
Frame/seat/handlebar bags: Of course, Epic Designs.
Old Man Mnt rear rack.
ISM Adamo typhoon racing seat-- serious awesome comfy seat!!!!!!!!

Stats (approximate):
Total McGrath race time: 5 days, 3 hours, 15 minutes. 350 miles.
Total Nome race time: 17 days, 9 hours, 30 minutes. Length is somewhere in 1,000 mile range. Course was longer in some areas and shorter in others, I don't have a bike computer so can't exactly say... even Iditarod doesn't know the exact amount

Total Photos taken: 13
Weight lost: 15 lbs. (175 lb start, 160 lb end).
Rest/Sleep/Waste time (down non-riding time): 146 hours
Total actual sleep/snoring time: 87 hours 4-5hrs/night average.
Moving trail time: 270 hrs and 30 minutes (15-17 hrs per day average)
Longest stretches without sleep: fours times exceeded 24 hrs. (Finger - Rohn; Innoko - Wolf Kill Slough; Galena - Kaltag; Unalakleet - Koyuk).
Food: lots and lots.
Gear: Lots of patagonia, mnt hardware, Lobbens, Neos....etc...

Coldest temp: hard to say, my thermometer bottomed out at -20 for days on end. Know that a few low spots were at -40 or lower on Yukon.
Warmest temp: somewhere around 40 degrees over Rainy Pass.


Jared said…
I really appreciate hearing about your experience and about your gear choices, rational for those choices and how they worked for you. Your experience is not only very interesting to me but helpful for my my own little adventures in Minnesota. Thanks again and congrats on your race.