Nome Finishers

The past week it has been fun to watch the ITI racers come in to Nome including JP & Tracey as well as Tom Jarding on foot (2nd photo). Most impressive was seeing Mike Curiak (ITI record holder) come in last evening (1st pic). While not associated with the ITI this year he biked the whole way self supported which is fairly insane! Next up is Tim Hewitt, foot racer for the ITI on his 5th finish, probably sometime this evening.


Josef said…
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Josef said…
Congratulations to all finishers & racers; report from ITI2010 is here:

Josef Janca
Czech Republic
Roman Dial said…
What are the stats the Curiak cat? How long did he take to do the trail with all his stuff? How much pushing vs riding for instance?

1000 miles is a long ways to carry all your stuff
Phil said…
Roman- Curiak is the man. He actually has the ITI record to Nome from the supported race of 15 days 1hr in 2002. The self supported was something like 21 days and change. His bike weighed 145 lbs at the start... his blog is: it should have a lot of specifics.