A Nome Welcome!

After 17 days 9 hours 30 minutes I couldn't believe I was within reach of my daughter and wife at the finish of ITI 2010. It was incredible, magical and an awesome welcome into Nome. There are so many thoughts and events that happened it will be hard to sort out and decompress but to ride the last mile with Nora into the chute to the arch was the final touch. We raised over $1500 ($21,500 total) and please feel free to donate more to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.... especially if you were planning to donate per mile!

There are lots of folks to thank and more to write at some point. For now huge thank you to my wife and daughter, B$, Nora & Nathan Nagaruk, Mike Mraz, Chris Miller, Jamie Burford, Dana Sherman, NSHC, Pete Basinger, Jeff Oatley, Bill/Kathi Merchant and all of Nome for incredible support.