Processing and writing about 17 days worth of high intensity sleep deprived ITI thoughts is daunting... and fading. In many ways every ITI has many similarities that it's hard to write something fresh or attempt to explain… scenery, mood, ipod-less thoughts, snow type, animal tracks, people tracks, bike tracks, people, salivation over hamburgers, satisfaction, disappointment, happiness, anger, group racing psychopathology, cold, supreme cold, wind, go-sweat-wet-stop-cold-repeat, pain, no-pain, charlie-horse pain, the zombie push, shiver bivy, sweat bivy, not caring about northern lights, not caring about scenery, missing family, raising funds for LLS, finishing fantasies followed by the real deal. As important as it is to get some memories down it'll be a tame loose summary of, probably, a tenth of the random highlights that I can muster with words along with a total of 13 pictures I took.

In the meantime, it has been an interesting process to mesh back into a busy family life. The latest event is tonight where my wife is part of the concert, One Voice. It's a benefit concert for "Make a patient smile" program that help cancer patients. For those lucky enough to get tickets before they sold out it will an incredible musical night!