Nome Spring....psych!

I added a little weather "sticker" from wunderground on the blog above and you can see the weather is still pretty winter-ish. Last week we even had some days below zero. It's a hard time of year because it's transitional but not really. Personally, I've had enough of winter and with so much  daylight you want to get out.  This is especially hard to do with my 2 year old. It was gusting to 28 mph so we tried to be creative inside.  You can't go wrong with a small climbing rope, harness, map, headlight and compass. We caught some Hefelumps with the rope and I believe we may have summited Everst a few times.

On an aside: I haven't climb much since the ITI thing but I used to really enjoy climbing with Ian. To see this wild man check out his blog, it gives a good perspective of Nome climbing.