I've been "arm-chairing" a couple of events, the first is the tour divide; a race I kind of maybe would like to do some day maybe- and the second is WS100; a race I will never do.

The tour divide is a 2,700+ mile mnt bike race down the great divide.  A cool multi day event that has been great arm chairing the last couple of years; but recently had a tragedy.  A few days ago a racer passed away after hitting a truck on the route and man that kind of hit home more than I care to admit.  The racer, Dave Blumenthal (who I do not know) is the same age as me and left behind a wife and a daughter, also the same age.  I read his blog and saw pictures and I couldn't get through it... there were too many similarities with my family. Crazy things happen all the time but I just simply feel horrible for the family.  I always feel tremendous guilt for leaving my family to do things that some think stupid, some think adventurous.  In either case it's a sad feeling and my heart goes out to the family.....

On a lighter note, I have been addicted to watching this ultra running 100 miler.  Running is not my thing but knowing & watching crazy runners like Tim Hewitt and Tom Jarding in the ITI then Geoff Roes in other races the past few years, well I certainly have incredible respect.  Today Geoff is competing with some of the best 100 mile runners in the world at the WS100.  Good luck to him.