Ode to Jarol

Last weekend was a complete blast listening to music, volunteering a little bit, playing a little music and enjoying the turn of summer in Nome.  Nome Folk Fest celebrated it’s 10th year and the founding mother and father of this event is Carol Gales and Jim Dory of Nome.  Over the years they somehow “conned” big bands such as, The Wilders, Salsa Borealis, Stairwell Sisters, Barefoot and now Crooked Still to Nome that not only play incredible music but they put them to work. They partake in Nome events, parades, conduct workshops, children concerts, etc. I believe Crooked Still played 2 radio shows, a jam session, 2 mainstage shows, 1 childrens concert and 1 bar show all within 48 hours.  There are simply not many places where you can hang out with a band for a weekend, take their workshops, ask questions about music, listen to them jam and get to know them personally.  It’s really an incredible “very Nome” experience.  Carol and Jim also brought gifted songwriter, Sarah C Hanson (now my wife) up for a concert a number of years ago, but that’s a different story.  So my hats off to you Carol and Jim, keep on rocking!!