Stroke & Croak

Last weekend I participated in the local annual FUN Nome triathlon, Stroke & Croak.  (Huge thanks to Sharon for always putting this event on each year!) It’s a very heavily weighted swim course with 1600 meter (1 mile) swim, 4 mile run and 8 mile bike.  About every other year I like to do this event to stretch out a different set of muscles... like running. Running is not exactly exciting for me and, well, I’d rather step on some nails than run.  I just don't know how those ultrarunners do it. 

Occasionally, I throw around the idea of competing in a few triathlons to offer up a little fun racing variety.  At first, I was disheartened when I came down with an incredibly virulent sore throat and chest cold two days before the event.  It was so harsh I thought I had strep followed by bronchitis.   I lay in bed hacking on Saturday completely wiped out and thought there was no way I would compete.  However, I was also the swimming leg of a relay for the event so I took one for the team and mustered up.  

Fortunately, by Sunday the fast moving illness decided I wasn’t a good host and left.  Overall I was happy with the result of 1 hr 24 min:

Swim: 21 min & change
Run: 32 min
Bike: 27 min
T1,2: 3 min

There's room for improvement and I'll see what I can do till the next event.  My brother is doing a triathlon in July in NY and I hope to join him if I can get off the wait list. 


allapa said…
dam, Phil, that masthead just scares the hell out of me