Travel, oh so fun

Dear Atlasta Air,

I just wanted express my deepest thanks for being such a wonderful airline. I am grateful we are able to utilize your service, the only service, in our area, we should simply just bow down.  I'm so glad you spend your profit margin on the upkeep, maintenance and compensation for your pilots. Just yesterday our pilot said he managed to get a week off to see the delivery of his baby.  I understand sometimes the planes need upkeep during a scheduled flight so was so happy you were able to transfer us to Delta during that time.  No worries I really didn't want to sit next to my wife or baby for that flight to Newark.  The Delta flight attendants and passengers were ecstatic to play with our 2 year old. They thought it was such a game to try to stop her from crying.

I know we struck gold in Seattle yesterday with some of the best agents around.  You must have been running some sort of community emergency drill because even though the agent told us it wasn't her job to rebook my wife when our printout confirmation didn't match her computer system she tried anyway.  So what it didn't work out, I know she tried her hardest.  I'm surprised she was able to multi task so well, keeping those sighs and shoulder shrugs in perfect timing with her computer key strokes was an incredible performance.  Its OK, she probably really didn't want to fly with us, I know deep down Sarah wanted that alone time with a later flight.  I'm so glad your customer service agents were so stoic and stern about telling us there was nothing they could do.  Better say it straight than lead us on with those false ideas of fictitious upgrades or tickets.  After all we wouldn't want the other passengers to absorb the increased cost.  I  mean our tickets were so cheap at $1800, it was so generous to have that companion fare for my daughter to save another $1800 and it was only 40,000 miles for Sarah's ticket- sooo cheap we deserved a computer glitch. And our luggage, pshaw,  really no worries again.  I totally didn't want to unpack and do the laundry of our travel gear, therefore am so glad it's still not here.  Whew.  Thank you again just gratefully alive.


Iam Fletch