Back to kayak

Earlier this spring my friend Roy and I promised to take some nice folks down the Niyukluk / Fish river from Council to White Mountain this summer.  This past weekend was a time when it could happen.  It was nice to get back to kayaking and a little nostalgic as I haven't had time to do any overnights lately.  

Roy's family camp, half way 

Roy is from White Mountain and provided an incredible history and cultural lesson the whole way down.  It
was a blast.

The mode of travel was a nice change of pace from my typical go go go attitude. The river was glorious and the weather cooperated.  When I have done this segment in the past I usually continue on to Golovin Bay then kayak out on the ocean back to the Lost Train outside Nome.  It's a 100 mile strenuous 2 day paddle so it was really nice not to have such lofty goals and enjoy a more casual pace on the river.  Though the pull of the ocean was pretty strong when we reached White Mountain. It was a little hard not to continue but really happy that I didn't.  The wind changed dramatically to a 30 + mph blow a few hours after our trip back up river.... which would have been a typical Phil madventure but will save it for the next one.  

Boat haul back upriver
Doesn't get nicer than this sunset 
calm and picture perfect