Mellow days

I finally broke down and got a bike computer.  It's a pretty standard issue item especially for training or racing but  I was on the fence about owning one. Now I am glad to have it.  The problem with it, of course, is that you get addicted to looking at exactly how you are performing every minute of every second.  MY problem with it stems back from when I was doing more long distance kayaking.  I would stare at the GPS screen and become obsessed with distance and MPH and if I wasn't making my cutoff I would be peeved and amp up my wattage. This usually had a counter productive effect. Obviously, on multi day distances the environment typically dictates your goals no matter how bad you want to make your own goal. So far I haven't become too obsessed and just enjoy a decent ride.  It's fun to see the actual distances and MPH of some of my favorite rides and trails around here. 

I read an article about this boat the other day. It's a 370+ ft luxury yacht, Octopus, owned my Paul Allen (Microsoft dude) that made (making)  a trip through the Northwest Passage. As I was on a foray of firewood cutting this morning I happened to glance toward the ocean and saw the boat. (It certainly seemed bigger than the picture)

The article stated that the ship just parked in front of Nunavut but no one noticed any passengers or crew in town. Nome is a stopping point for most boats traversing through the NW passage so it's not a surprise that it would stop.  But it is a little of a surprise no one got off or came into town, that I know of.  Similar to Nunavut the ship was parked in front of town (about 3 - 5 miles out) and appeared to silently hang out. Maybe people ported and shuttled to town as I didn't watch it all day but I don't think so. I was sorely tempted to kayak out there but the ship was gone by the afternoon. It's all very mysterious.... hopefully not pretentious.
Otherwise my weekends have been home bound with the exception of a short Unalakleet trip. I was able to catch some nice silvers fishing till late at night. Thanks B$! That helped fill the freezer. I was a little dissappointed about not completing a labor day excursion but house duty and firewood duty called.  Plus the weather has been a steady downpouring rain.  I was able to redo Hahnah's room and in the process found a plumbing leak.  A little out of my comfort zone and hard to find a plumber I luckily had a friend that fixed it up. Thanks Cam! . 

wood chopping siesta