September Blast

A fall feeling weekend with some nice weather.  Yesterday, was an awesome triathlon, September Blast Tri, put on by the Nome High School swim team as a fund raiser.  It was a really fun tri with a 6 mile run part of it a trail run on the tundra. The gusting 30 mph wind played a interesting part in the bike.  My new bike computer said I went 7 mph against the wind up a hill as my slowest to 41 mph my fastest with the wind on a downhill, which is probably the fastest ever on that bike.... and felt really sketchy on my mnt bike.  I completed it with a 14 min 1000 meter swim, 42 min 6 mile run and 25 min 6.7 mile bike.  Highly recommend this tri next year, more people should really join this event next year not only for the fun course but to support the swim team.