Not Nome

I was out of town for a little bit attending some training and found Chicago to be a great city.  I've been here before but the 80 degree weather and downtown stay allowed me to explore the city.  I discovered right next to my hotel was a major running path that went for miles. It was trippy to be in a major downtown city and only a block away there was a great lake with beach and all. Usually, in Nome I am out alone on my rides or runs so it was kind of exciting to be among swarms of people out running, biking, roller blading and walking.  Surprisingly, there were some strict unwritten rules that made the blend of people exercising low stress. No run ins with bikes and such.  It made the experience nice to be among a lot of people but no one interfering with the workout (i.e. loose dogs, blocking path).  The Chicago Marathon was the day before I left and I really tried to gain an entry a few weeks prior, but apparently these events are quite popular and long closed out... something like 40,000 people.  The guy who won it, from Kenya, averaged a 4:55 mile.... all I can say is holy shiiiii$.

One day I was returning from my class and noticed swarms of police lining the streets and an exciting buzz around the people.  I asked what was happening and President Obama was planning on speaking directly across from my hotel at the Drake.  I stuck around even after getting herded inside to sneak a peak.  It was cool but wow, talk about security and secret service.  Got a glimpse of the car and that was about it. Not something one would see in Nome.

Back in Nome a week later, feeling the temps plummet back to inevitable winter. A little snow, a little cold rain and a little halloween preparation and pumpkin carving was in order this week.