One last wood gathering expedition, at least with trucks.  The snow and sand were just enough not to get stuck.  We had a south wind storm last week that I thought would bring in fresh wood but instead it cleaned the beach.  

Last weekend Halloween party, I dressed up as my wife- pregnant and all. 

A busy month without a great deal to post on extra curricular outdoor activities.   Weekly rides and runs, locally, that are invigorating with the drop in temps and stiff wind but nothing spectacular.  

I have been mulling over a good sized bike ride into the Bering Land Preserve now that the snow is here.  The preserve is a highly inaccessible (difficult) place to get to located in the northern part of the peninsula.  No mining, no motorized vehicles and location make this an ideal remote area to explore. My friend Tyler and I did a hike a few years ago into it and that only whet my appetite.  I've always wanted to get back in there again.  The geology is incredibly interesting (and untouched); aside from the hot springs, and lava fields it also holds the largest maar lake in the world.  More on this forming plan later...