Nome has the best Subway shop in the world.  I eat here with Hahnah regularly, she chicken noodle soup and me a sandwich. It may sound funny but the produce is the freshest of any subway I've ever eaten and the view... well it's like we're on a boat in the Bering Sea.  The windows face the sea and it's about 20 yards away.  Just thought I'd share.


The Rudstroms said…
My husband I and I often comment that the Nome subway has to have the most beautiful view of any subway in the world.

When the weather is starting to get a little warmer, I enjoy taking my sandwich and sitting on the rocks along the shore.

MC said…
A view like that could *almost* make eating at Subway worthwhile...


Thanks for sharing--I love the vicarious portal into your very unique world.

Phil said…
Anne Marie- no doubt, but I am always hypnotized when a storm hits, it's the best seat in the house :)

MC- when (not if) the pull of Nome draws you back I can treat you there. I really enjoyed your video documentary on your blog. Can't wait for the next one. Maybe I can get you up here to Nome to provide a presentation?