A great divide, the beginning

I flew to Wales this week and couldn't help but capture a beautiful noon sunrise while flying over the Bering Sea looking at the York Mountains. These video images are probably benign to most but when I look down I see places where I have camped on the beach or passed in the kayak. Memories of those struggles flood in and it's always amazing how effortless it seems to fly over a spot where you had incredible epics.

Cape prince of wales, the most western tip of the North American continent, is usually a pretty windy, wild spot but this day was unique, clear and windless.  On a side note this place is the actual start of the great continental divide. So I really think the Tour Divide bike race needs to pony up and change their start to here, the real beginning of the divide.  That was a joke but... uh-oh too late I feel an obsession coming on...

Untitled from Philip Hofstetter on Vimeo.

Swooping over the ocean for the landing we could see Diomede and mainland Russia-- Wales is one of three places that can (truly) see Russia from the US; Wales, Gambell and Diomede (that I know of). Tin City, also if one climbs the cape but not sure if a military outpost counts.