Tim's Finish

Another epic moment to watch Tim Hewitt, yet again, to finish in Nome.  His 6th finish of 20 days 7 hrs 17 min completely killing the old record (that was also his) for the southern route and beating the northern route record as well.  A few images and video clip of Tim.

At the finish line
Tim pretending to mush over the finish. 

Eating his lasagna at our house

Untitled from Philip Hofstetter on Vimeo.

The video has an additional piece from Topkok a few days ago.  I'm trying to get a little fancier with inserting titles but otherwise not extremely interesting.  The day I took video of Topkok when it was blowing I was able to grab a shot before going in to the windy section but it completely froze up when trying to take video  in the blowhole while the bikers rode in it.