As I was having my coffee this morning I casually checked the weather online and couldn’t believe my eyes, 68 degrees! And an offshore north wind which brings warm interior temps.  The weekend house projects were placed on hold and we gathered our “stuff” for a beach day as fast as turtles.  Anytime you pack for a day in Nome things could change so quickly so you have to account for everything.  Lots of stuff in the truck and off we went to the beach.  The warm wind felt fantastic, like Hawaii. It was incredible.  My daughter and I brought wetsuits planning on swimming till we rushed in the water. … 

oh yeah there was still ice on the ocean so the temps were pretty painful.   We tried to stay in but it was too cold for any length of time.  Then we switched to the kayak and that was fun.

Joseph's first real long fresh air outing.

After a looong day at the beach there was still plenty of daylight for a bike ride. Hahnah wanted to go so I put her in the child seat and off we went.  It's great having an extra 30 lbs to grunt through a bike ride.  The fatbike is fabulous for stability and off road riding with Hahnah.  She endured 12 miles on the bike with a pretty stiff headwind going to Anvil Mnt. 

I was anticipating an easy tailwind return only to be thwarted by a super fast wind switch. Now it was another headwind coming from the ocean and it was mucho chilly.  I was really getting used to 75 degrees and sunny.... oh well.  We'll see what tomorrow brings. 


Ryan said…
hey phil and the hofstetter fam!

nice photos of breaking in your summer gear for 2011. i recognize that trusty kayak, and that shorefast ice... but i wouldn't have recognized joseph, yet! what a cutie, thanks for putting him on. i'll look forward to meeting him next time the paths cross.

have a great summer, all 4 of you.

Mandie said…
Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we'll talk about it.


Mandie Hayes
Phil said…
Ryan! great to hear from you, I've referred like 3 different folks to contact you for kayaking possibilities in Juneau, hope you don't mind! Let us know when you come through Nome again.

Mandi- currently I don't have any links of other blogs on my blogs, even though I follow a bunch. If I update my format certainly.