Gear. What piece....

.....can I buy for the throat / face climbing hold?

...I was glad to find this piece of gear though.

Put on some shades, these puppies are bright.  If I ever need to be found in the snow I think the fluorescent yellow will pop out at 10,000 ft up.  This is my latest gear addition for the clipless pedal setup.  When the weather changed to cold, wind and snow I had to do something.  Basic bike shoes weren't cutting it and I just don't know if I should stay clipless so didn't want to jump into Lake boots. I found these at Team Estrogen . com, which is a little bit funny b/c there is no Team Testosterone .com. So far they work surprisingly well.  They are cycling overboots but with windstopper and goretex material. It's light, fit well, and act as gaiters with no issues pushing the bike through deep snow.  They breath ok and good enough for any shoe, even if I wore some crocs under them they would work now. The real test will be a full day outing at -20 so we'll see.